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Overview of the data

It includes over 80 different executive compensation, information on boards of directors, and related items.

The Executive Compensation database contains over 2500 companies, both active and inactive. The universe of firms cover the S&P 1500 plus companies that were once part of the 1500 plus companies removed from the index that are still trading, and some client requests. Data collection on the S&P 1500 began in 1994. However, there is data back to 1992 but it is not the entire S&P 1500.

Executive Compensation data is collected from each company's annual proxy statement, which must be filed 120 days after each company's fiscal year end.

Click here to see the list of definitions for all of the executive compensation data items.

How to access this database

  • Local access (department): Room 6.0.12.

How to use this database

Basic information on how to use this database can be found in ExecuComp User Guide


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