David Alexander Wehrheim, candidato

David Alexander Wehrheim

Areas of interest: Technology Strategy, Innovation Management, Economics of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property, Corporate Finance
Job Market Paper: The Strategic Allocation of Inventors to R&D Collaborations
Thesis advisor and references: Neus Palomeras,Andrea Fosfusi,Josep A. Tribo
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Juliana Pavan Dornelles, candidato

Juliana Pavan Dornelles

Job Market Paper: “Why are they hiding? Patent secrecy and patenting strategies”
Thesis advisor : Neus Palomeras,Ayfer Ali
References: Neus Palomeras,Ayfer Ali,Josep A. Tribo,Samira Dias
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Tao Tang

Tao Tang

Areas of interest: Asset Pricing, Financial Econometrics, Portfolio Theory, Arbitrage Strategy, Derivatives
Job Market Paper: Pairs Trading and Spread Persistence in the European Stock Market
Thesis advisor and references: Isabel Figuerola-Ferretti,Pedro Serrano
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Yanley Zhang

Yanlei Zhang

Areas of interest: Accounting conservatism, corporate social responsibility
Job Market Paper: Accounting conservatism and trade credit
Thesis advisor and references: Juan Manuel García Lara (Co-supervisor),Josep A. Tribo (Co-supervisor),Beatriz Garcia Osma,Encarna Guillamon-Saorin
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Tao Tang

Demian Macedo

Areas of interest: Banking –with a focus on regulation—, Corporate Finance and Applied Microeconomics
References: Sergio Vicente, Jose Penalva and Josep A. Tribo
Thesis advisor: Jose Penalva
Job Market Paper: Joint liquidity and capital regulation in a risk-shifting framework
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