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  1. Proof of a degree or equivalent qualification.
    In addition, the committee can decide on the admission of students to the Master in Actuarial and Financial Sciences, establishing the minimum prerequisites based on their first degree studies.
  2. Prerequisites
  3. Financial Economics and Accounting 6 ECTS
  4. Mathematics (Algebra and Calculus) 12 ECTS
  5. Statistics 6 ECTS
  6. Economic Theory (Micro and Macro) 6 ECTS

Admission to the program will be based on the decision of the academic committee which will assess each candidate's potential, taking into account their motivation and the merits of the documentation accompanying their application:
*According to the European Language framework. Those students who Spanish is not their mother tongue must certify a proficiency knowledge of this language.

Once accepted into the program students who do not belong to the Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior (EEES), must present their diplomas legalized by diplomatic procedures, or "The Hague Convention Apostille". More information about Legalization of Documents.

If needed, documents must be accompanied by an official swom translation into Spanish, no matter if students are part or not of the EEES.

Check all the information about Access International students at UC3M.

The request is made electronically through our application. Before starting the admission process it is important to consult the guidelines and supporting information that we offer below.
  1. Access to the admission application
  1. Admissions Calendar and Detailed Instructions
  2. The online application registration guide
  3. Documentation must be uploaded to the on line application system.