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Professor of Finance


1996 Ph.D. Economics, Universidad del País Vasco.

1992 Master Degree in Economics, Universidad del País Vasco.

1990 Bachelor in Economics, Universidad del País Vasco.

Research interests

Market microstructure

High-frequency trading


Selected publications

Globalization, Superstars, and Reputation: Theory & Evidence from the Wine Industry,  (with Gibbs, M., and  F. Warzynski). Journal of Wine Economics, 4, 2009, pp. 50–65.

Disclosure and Liquidity in a Driven by Orders Market: Empirical Evidence from Panel Data, (with Espinosa, M., and M. Trombetta). Investigaciones Económicas, vol.XXXII, 2008, pp.339-370.

Price Dynamics, Informational Efficiency and Wealth Distribution in Continuous Double Auction Markets, (with Gil-Bazo, J., and D. Moreno). Computational Intelligence, 23, 2007, pp. 176-196.

Asset Pricing and Systematic Liquidity Risk: an Empirical Investigation of the Spanish Stock Market (with Martínez, M. A., B. Nieto, and G. Rubio). International Review of Economics & Finance, 14. 2005, pp. 81-103.

Adverse Selection Costs, Trading Activity and Liquidity in the NYSE: An Empirical Analysis (with Pascual, R., and A. Escribano). Journal of Banking and Finance, 28. 2004, pp. 107-128.

Mikel Tapia is Professor of Finance at the Department of Business Administration at Carlos III University. He holds a PhD in Economics and a Licentiate degree in economics and business from University of Basque Country (Spain). He teaches Finance to undergrads, Master and doctoral students.

Mikel's research interests focus on Financial Markets, Asset Pricing and Market Microstructure. His research examines the role of trading cost to priced assets, the different ways to measured liquidity or the relevance of different trading architectures

He has published in leading journals, such as the Journal of Banking and Finance, International Review of Economics & Finance, or The European Journal of Finance.

In addition to her teaching and research, Mikel has served as ad hoc reviewer of some finance journals as The European Journal of Finance, or Spanish Economic Review.