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Professor of Management

Selected publications

"Privatization and Entrepreneurial Transformation" (2000) (with S.
Zahra, D. Ireland and M. Hitt). Academy of Management Review, Vol. 25
(3): 509-524.

“The Role of Family Ties in Agency Contracts" (2001) (with Luis
Gómez-Mejia and Manuel Núñez-Nickel). Academy of Management Journal,
Vol. 44 (1): 81-95.

“Governmental Context Determines
Institutional Value: Independently Certified Performance and Failure in
the Spanish Newspaper Industry” (2006), (with Manuel Núñez-Nickel and
Salvador Carmona).Organization Studies, Vol. 27 (10): 1513-1531.

“Hotel Location in Tourism Cities: Madrid 1936-1998” (2006) (with Ainhoa
Urtasun). Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 33: 382-402.

benefits for upscale urban hotels" (2017), (with Ainhoa Urtasun).
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 29 (5),

Isabel Gutiérrez is a Professor of Management at the Department of Business Administration at Carlos III University. She holds a Ph. D. in Business Administration and a Licentiate degree in business and economics from University of Seville (Spain). She worked as both assistant and associate professor for University of Seville. She has been visiting professor at Arizona State University.

She teaches management, organization theory and organizational design to undergrads and doctoral students. Isabel's research interests focus on organization theory and competitive strategy. Her research examines the competitive and spatial dynamics affecting the outcomes and survival of firms that face radical innovation and environmental discontinuities. She has published in leading journals, such as the Academy of Management Journal, Organization Studies and the Academy of Management Review.

In addition to her teaching and research, Isabel provides service and leadership to several academic journals and professional associations. She served as editor in-chief for Management Research until January 2007, and sits on the editorial boards of some journals in management, including the Journal of Management, European Management Review, Journal of Management and Governance, the Journal of High Technology Management Research, M@n@gement, Revista de Empresa and Revista Europea de Economía y Dirección de Empresas. She has served as ah hoc reviewer of some leading management journals as Strategic Management Journal, the Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management Studies, and Scandinavian Journal of Management, among others. She  served in the European Academy of Management (EURAM) as Vice-President of Publications (2000-2007) and  in the Iberoamerican Academy of Management as Vice-president and Program Chair for the 1999 annual conference. Isabel is a former Director of the Department of Business Administration at Carlos III University (1996-2001). Isabel is currently the Vice-President for Studies  at Carlos III University of Madrid.

"Gender, the State and the Audit Profession: Evidence from Spain
(1942-88)" (2001) (with Nieves Carrera and Salvador Carmona). European
Accounting Review, Vol. 10 (4): 803-815.

"Revisiting corporate governance
through the lens of the Spanish
evidence" (2014), (with Jordi Surroca). Journal of Management &
Governance 18 (4), 989-1014.