address / office:
C/ Madrid, 126 - 28903 Getafe (Madrid) Spain / 7.0.41
phone / fax:
(34) 91 624 86 74 / (34) 91 624 96 07



Associate Professor of Accounting


PhD in Innovation Management, Manchester Business School

Master in Public Policy and Management of Innovation, Manchester Business School

BSc in Economics, University of Athens, Greece

Research interests

Innovation Policy, Strategy and Management

Management Accounting

Management Control Systems and Innovation

Regulation and Public Policy

Selected publications

(2012). Non-technological regulatory effects: Implications for innovation and innovation policy. Research Policy, 41(6), 1058-1071.

(2014). The impact
of science and technology parks on firms’ product innovation: empirical
evidence from Spain. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 24 (4), 835-873. with Vásquez-Urriago, Á. R.,
Barge-Gil, A., and Rico, A. M., & Paraskevopoulou, E.

(2017). A
model of cognitive and operational memory of organizations in changing
worlds. Cambridge Journal of Economics, 41(3), 775-806 with Dosi, G., Marengo, L., and  Valente, M.

(2017). Factors shaping the
international knowledge connectivity of industrial clusters: a
comparative study of two Latin American cases. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 29(9-10), 817-846. with Guimón, J.

(2018). Disentangling the Role of Management Control Systems for Product and Process Innovation in Different Contexts, European Accoutning Review, Forthcoming, DOI: 10.1080/09638180.2018.152816, with B. Guo and L. Santamaria

Evita Paraskevopoulou is a visiting professor in the in the Department of Business Administration at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. She holds a degree in Economics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in Greece, and a PhD in Science, Technology and Innovation Management from Manchester Business School (University of Manchester).

During her studies she has been working as research and teaching assistant in Manchester Business School and the University of Athens and has participated in various externally funded projects.

Her research interests include the public and private management of innovation, implications of public policies on firms´ innovative strategies, EU regulation and its role for innovation, evolutionary approaches to analyzing policy and the role of large firms in shaping public policies.